Anthony Mackey
Bill "Dr.Twistin" Beatty
Bob Cloleman
Brian Flora
Bruce Kalver
Dave Bartlett
Dennis Forel
Don Caldwell
Joe St. Marie
Joe La Monica
Joe Lffler
John Holmes
Ken Mate
Marvin L. Hardy
Michael Decker
Micheal Picard
Michael Veinbergs
Norm Barnhart
Paul Belanger
Pierre Jacques
Sandi Masori
Royal and Patty Sorell
Steven Jones
T.Myers & Merianne
  1. 【The Balloon Man】
    Anthony Mackey/?/US$24.00/?/
    • [内容]

  2. 【Magical Bubble Creations】
    Bill "Dr.Twistin" Beatty/Spiritborne Productions Inc./US$29.95/50min./1990/
    • [内容]
      Bubble Trick の説明を25分、バルーンの説明を25分しています。

  3. 【Bob's Balloonology II,The New Beginning!...】
    Bob Cloleman/Bob Cloleman/US$30.00/40min./1993/
    • [内容]

  4. 【The Balloon Video】
    Brian Flora/Flora and Company/US$35.00/55min./1989/
    • [内容]
      15種ほどの基本的な造形を紹介していますが、 気に入ったのは気球(Hot Air Balloon)だけ。

  5. 【Airnimations】
    Bruce Kalver/?/US$35.00/90min./1997/
    • [内容]
      Red Tickle Doll,Character Frog,Street Runner,Character Coyote,Neptune Dog,Character Honey Bear,Character Large Bird,Lorna's Beauty Rose,Australian Demon,Character Mouse,Character Mousette

  6. 【The Best of Bartlett:The Basement Tape Part 2】
    Dave Bartlett/?/US$35.00/90min./1996/
    • [内容]
      Monkey in a Tree Reaching for a Banana/Skunk with Cent/Garfield/Small and Large Peacock/Rainbow Hat/Large Rainbow/Pink Panther/Barney/Big Bird/Crab/Snoopy in a Airplane

  7. 【Balloonacy U】
    Dennis Forel/?/55min./1989/

  8. 【Lungs of Steel:The Workout Video】
    Don Caldwell/Don Caldwell/US$25.00/103min./2000/
    • [内容]
      Bird, Baby Duck,Opossum, Ballerina, Blow Fish, Juggler, Big Dog, Geo Ant, Rat, Bat, Bottlenose Dolphin, Shark, Road Runner

  9. 【Blowhard Latex:W/A Vengeance】
    Don Caldwell/Don Caldwell/US$25.00/77min./2000/
    • [内容]
      Bumble Bee, Monkey in a Tree, Killer Whale, Lady Bug, Turtle, Bird, Duck, Peacock, Flamingo, Mouse, Butterfly, 2 Ball-in-Balloon Games - Strength Meter and Hoop Shooter, Fishing Hat, Little Girl Hat, Braided Hats, William Tell Hat Game

  10. 【なんでもチャレンジ バルーンアート de どうぶつえん】
    • [内容]

  11. 【In The Beginning】
    Joe St. Marie/?/US$22.00/53min./?/
    • [内容]
      Safety,Pumps,Inflate by Mouth,Tying The Knot,Series of Bubbles,Balloon Basic Handling & Twists,Wiener Dog,Giraffe,Squirrel,Dog,Mouse,Horse,Sword,Cross,Alligator,Apple,Tulip,Saber/Cobra,Tickle Sword,Snake,Cobra With Tongue,260 Bee,Hummingbird,Mosquito,2 Lovebirds In A Ring,Swan,Parrot In A hoop,321B Bee,Owl,Storage

  12. 【Sweet Pea's Hot Air Jungle】
    Joe St. Marie/?/US$26.00/78min./?/
    • [内容]
      Cat,Squirrel,Fish,Poodle,Monkey,Vulture, simple Brontosaurus or Lock Ness monster,Simple Tyrannosaurus Rex,Purple Dinosaur,Frog Catching A Bug,Bear On A Bike,Bear On A Unicycle,Kissing Poodles On A Rocker,Chopper

  13. 【Putting Things Together】
    Joe St. Marie/?/US$26.00/89min./?/
    • [内容]
      Teddy Bear,Teddy bear Holding A Bouquet,6 Petal flowre,Heart,Twisted Heart,Candle,Candle On 6 Pental Base,Wreath,Wreath With Bear Holding Flowers,Horse,Rocking Horse,Airplane,Hound Dog With Eye Balls,Tyrannosaurus Rex,Fishing Rod And Reel With Fish,Large Mortorcycle With Headlight And Seat

  14. 【La Monica's Balloon Sculptures Book 1】
    Joe La Monica/?/US$29.95/60min./1989/
    • [内容]
    • [ひとこと]
      彼の著書「La Monica's Balloon Sculptures (1)」に内容は準じています。

  15. 【La Monica's Balloon Sculptures Book 2】
    Joe La Monica/?/US$29.95/60min./1989/
    • [内容]
    • [ひとこと]
      彼の著書「La Monica's Balloon Sculptures (2)」に内容は準じています。

  16. 【Balloon Sculpture Made Easy】
    Joe Lffler/Hampton Ridge Magic Creations Inc./US$12.00/48min./?/1996
    • [内容]
      Dog,Dachshund,Giraffe,Sword,Fancy Sword,Lazer Gun,Parrot in Swing,Humming Bird,Bee,Apple,Airplane on a Stick,HeartFlower,Butterfly,Simple Poodle,Mouse,Swan,Snail,Caterpillar,Bear,Bear with Heart,Blossom Flower,Clown,Heart Hat,Flower Hat,Crown Spiral,Butterfly,Rocking Horse

  17. 【Beasts & Bugs】
    John Holmes/THE BALLOON MAN/US$25.00/60min./?/1997
    • [内容]
      Dragonfly,Skunk,Santa's Wreath,Butterfly,Tiger,Quick Clown,CoCo's Housefly,Lion,Bird Legs,The Spider Spied'er

  18. 【Birds & Buds】
    John Holmes/THE BALLOON MAN/US$20.00/60min./?/1996
    • [内容]
      Start-Hot Rod Bird,Introduction,"Pop" Release,"Close-up" View-Hot Rod Bird,Birds & Buds-Bluebonnet,Kwazy Kwacker,Reindeer Add-on,Rose,Pink Flamingo,Quick Tip Tid-Bits,Lil'Yeller Bird Add-on,Double Your Money,Credits,The End

  19. 【'Hats All Folks】
    John Holmes/?/US$25.00/60min./?/
    • [内容]
      6 Pental Flower,Ear Twist,Pop Twist,Bow,Animal Nose,Spin Twist,Braids,2 Braid Heart,Flower Hat,Helmet,Viking Hat With Mane,Reindeer Hat With Nose,Elephant Hat,Pencile In Box Promo,Celebrity Mouse Hat,Mrs.Mouse Hat,Variations-Bat,Devil,Chicago Bulls,Long Horns,Rabbit Hat With Nose,ngel Wings And Hat,Devil Ht With Trail,Jonah And The Whale Gospel Routine
    • [ひとこと]

  20. 【Balloon-A-Tricks】
    Ken Mate/Marshall Brodien Magic/US$18.50/30min./1995/
    • [ひとこと]

  21. 【Balloon Magic (Instructional Video by Marvin Hardy)】
    Marvin L. Hardy/Qualatex(Pioneer Balloon Company)/US$/30min./1991/

  22. 【Basics & A Whole Lot More】
    Michael Decker/?/US$30.00/60min./1997/
    • [内容]
      Basics,Apple,Pumpkin,Snowman,Hummingbird,Bumble Bee,3 Twist Dog,Giraffe,Camel,Teddybear,Swan,Adovanced Motorcycle,Train,Planes,Wve Runners,Tunetown Car,Star,Dinosaurs,Jullie's Rainbow,Just a Dog

  23. 【The Lecture by Mike Decker】
    Michael Decker/?/US$30.00/100min./1989/
    • [内容]
      小さなボールを入れた260バルーンを3本使って三ツ編み(おもちゃ)ハート形風船を使っての花(ハート4ケ、ペンシル1本)モーターサイクル(ペンシル5本) 人形、トランペット(ラウンド1本、ペンシル4本)バンジョー(ペンシル1本)、その他後半は会場に来ている人とのフリーディスカッションの模様です。
    • [ひとこと]
      内容は彼の著書「"Hey,I can Do THis" The Lecture & More!」に準じています。

  24. 【There Seems A Magic In The Very Name Of Christmas】
    Michael Decker/?/US$30.00/60min./1994/
    • [ひとこと]
      内容は彼の書籍紹「There Seems A Magic In The Very Name Of Christmas」とほぼ同じです。

  25. 【Balloon Creations】
    Micheal Picard/?/US$30.00/50min./1989/

  26. 【Professional Balloon Sculpture VOL.1】
    Michael Veinbergs/Premier Entertainment/US$72.00(3本で)/60min.(各々)/1995/
    • [内容]
      Tools of the Trade,Inflation,Tying Off,Basic Twist,Basic Tie,Ear Tie,Roll Through,Turtle,Poodle,Basic Dog,Rabbit,Giraffe,Teddy Bear,Heart,Cat(Tiger,Lion)Sword(2 types),Scabbard,Penguin,Tops on Proportions,Remembering the Sculptures,Fixing Leaks,Working with Children,Liability

  27. 【Professional Balloon Sculpture VOL.2】
    Michael Veinbergs/Premier Entertainment/US$72.00(3本で)/60min.(各々)/1995/
    • [内容]
      Ear Tie,Pop Tie,Spiral,Parrot,Horse,Unicorn,Reindeer,Man,Surfer,Bi-Plane,Motorcycle(with Rider),Flower,Tyrannosarus Rex,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,Schooters,Entertaining Tips

  28. 【Professional Balloon Sculpture VOL.3】
    Michael Veinbergs/Premier Entertainment/US$72.00(3本で)/60min.(各々)/1995/
    • [内容]
      Spirals and Placement,2 Balloon Hats,Butterfly Hat,Rabbit Hat,Mouse Hat,Whiskers,Ram Hat,Elephant Hat,Crown,Jester,Beanie,Mohawk,Braided Hats,Horned Hats

  29. 【Sculpturede Ballons】
    Pierre Jacques/?/US$/35min./1986/

  30. 【Seriously Crazy Hats】
    sandi Masori/?/US$30.00/120min./2002/
    • [内容]
      Helmet, Pearls, Spirals, Twists, Flowers, Deely Boppers, Queen Of Hearts Hat (4+heart), Flower Hat (4), Butterfly Hat (4), Sharhar's Hat I (4), Mad Science Hat (4), Den's Hitchhiker Hat (2+round), Huge Super Giant Jumbo Hat (7+round), John's Cowboy Hat (6), Shahar's Hat II (7), Lorna's Snake Hat (1+1-350), Party Hat (7+), Spiral Garden (7), Don's Little Elephant (2+geo+2-heart+2-rnd+balls), Marti-Gras Hat (13), 6-Balloon Easy Weave, Shahar's Flower Vase Hat (11).

  31. 【The Basics:Ballon-Gineering Vol.1】
    Royal and Patty Sorell/?/US$30.00/70min./1996/
    • [内容]
      Balloon Types,Balloon Sizes,Accessories,Pumps,Inflation Techniques,Safety,Insurance,Tying and Basic Sculptures

  32. 【Dynamic Interactive Cranial Decorations:Ballon-Gineering Vol.2】
    Royal and Patty Sorell/?/US$30.00/70min./1996/
    • [内容]
      34 hats,8 masks,noses,7 ensembles

  33. 【From Balloon Animals To Balloon Sculpture:Ballon-Gineering Vol.3】
    Royal and Patty Sorell/?/US$30.00/70min./1997/
    • [内容]
      Kissing Poodles,Heart,Kissing Swans in Heart,Hugging Bears in Heart,Bear on Heart,Heart or Tulips,Lion,Mouse,Sword,Monkey on Palm Tree,Bananas,Bow & Arrow,Fishing Pole,Fish,Flower,Ladybug or Bee,Bouquet,Tommy Gun,Cartoon Bird Runner,Bunny,Cartoon Yellow Bird,Motorcycle

  34. 【Cute & Cuddly Creatures】
    Steven Jones/AeraDeco Video/\5,250(ナランハ)/110min./2008/
    • [内容]
      Pig, Bull, Horse, Flying Fish, Octopus, Spider, Puppy, Chicken, Bunny

  35. 【Atmosphere Inflatique Vol.1】
    T.Myers & Merianne/T.Myers Magic,Inc./US$14.95/20min./1989/

  36. 【Balloon Sculpture 101】
    T.Myers & Merianne/T.Myers Magic,Inc./US$29.95/60min./1989/

  37. 【Comedy Magic With Balloons Vol.1】
    Norm Barnhart/Norm Barnhart's Magical Fun Productions/US$30.00/53min./1999/
    • [内容]
      Live show - Balloon from nowhere, Rabbit on Hat with jokes and bits, Harry Balloondini-Comedy Needle through Balloon Trick, Flower Balloon-Mime bits and "ball-off" trick, Bad Hair Day Hat with lines, Kool-aid to Balloons trick, Rudolph on your Roof, Rudolph's Bright Nose trick, Monkey Bar-High Wire Balloon Monkey Routine, Monkey in Palm Tree Hat routine, Explanations for all of the above plus, Bananas Trick, Carrots Trick, Light Nose Trick, Cutting Balloon Trick, Heart Light Trick, Cut and Restored Balloon Trick, World's Fastest Balloon Animal Bit, Mosquito/Bee Chaser Trick, Birthday Card in Balloon Routine, Dog through the hoop explanation

  38. 【Comedy Magic With Balloons Vol.2】
    Norm Barnhart/Norm Barnhart's Magical Fun Productions/US$30.00/42min./1999/
    • [内容]
      Live show, Production of Balloons from Box, Elephant & Clown Balloon routine, Rocking Horse Balloon and Pump Bit, Comedy Change Bag Routine, Braid and Heart jokes, Explanations for the above Plus: Squirting gags, Static Electric Balloon Trick, Flying Rudolph bit, Comic Hats: Hot Dog "Frank" Hat, Minnesota Fisherman Hat and Gear, Octopus Head Hug Routine & Tie Gag, Head in the Clouds Hat/Rainbow & Pot of Gold Trick, Acrobatic Balloon Animals Stack Trick, Restaurant Ideas: Balloon to Pocket bit, Vanishing Broken Balloon Trick, Giraffe & Sugar Packet, Thirsty Dog Bit, Dog and Plate Bit

  39. 【Twist Rattle & Roll】
    Paul Belanger/?/US$30.00/120min./?/
    • [内容]
      Pumps,Blow By Mouth,Tie,The Twists,Ball In Balloons,BallIn Basic Helmet,Brain Teaser On A Stick Or Hat,Multi Person Puzzle,Seeing Eye Fish On A Stick Or Hat,Pregnant Mouse, Turtle Gun,M Twist Sword,Knife Or Business Card In A Balloon, Braid,Banana Tree With Monkey,Valentine Bouquet,6 Pental Flower,Double Braid,Braid Puzle,Unicorn Hat With Heart,Lovers Braid With Fish,Giant Butterfly,Small Coconut Tree With Monkey On Hat

  40. 【マジカルバルーンアニマルズ 1】
    • [内容]

  41. 【マジカルバルーンアニマルズ 2】
    • [内容]
    • [ひとこと]

  42. 【マジックバルーン】

  43. 【ペンシルバルーン 作り方 for you〜ん】
    • [内容]
    • [ひとこと]

  44. 【ピエロが教える!ペンシルバルーン入門ビデオ】
    • [内容]
      • 基本をきっちりマスターしよう!
      • ひと工夫して作るワンランク上の作品
      • いろんなことに使ってみよう!
    • [ひとこと]

  45. 【野村まさこの バルーンアート講座(3巻セット)】
    • [内容]
      野村まさこの バルーンアート講座-1
      野村まさこの バルーンアート講座-2
      野村まさこの バルーンアート講座-3